Welcome to Swim Smart
Welcome Swim Smart friends and Total Immersion fans! Thank you for visiting this website.We have partnered with Immersion (TI) where we believe anyone can learn to swim well, improve and begin a path to swimming excellence. We turn your struggles into life skills through mindful purposeful practice and not one’s natural ability.  It is the Kaizen approach to swimming that TI has adopted and instilled that continues to make TI a leader in teaching swimming, especially to adults.We use a “hands-on” approach with every swimmer.  We are right next to you in the pool from the very beginning.   We swim with you, observe your progress from both above and below the surface, and offer precise feedback both verbally and through the use of video analysis to fast-track your improvement. We’re happy to supplement your learning with email support, phone consultation and web-based resources, but these are no substitute for face time with your coach.  It is our unique commitment to personal attention that sets us apart. You don’t just get a training schedule. You get a coach.

Do you want to be fast(er)?  Of course you do!

If you continue to train hard with poor mechanics, you’ll continue to ingrain inefficient habits that will continue to undermine your performance. We teach you to build skill-enhancing focal points into each stroke so you’ll reap maximum benefit from every minute in the water. Great technique, proper training = FAST SWIMMING.


To provide swimmers of all ages and swimming abilities with the appropriate opportunities to achieve their personal swimming goals.

We understand that every individual’s learning styles, needs and goals are individually unique.

Our ability to teach to your uniqueness by using a variety of styles and methods is what separates us from the traditional coaching approach, which reinforces struggle.

Turning Struggles into Life Skills