Total Immersion Freestyle Workshops are classed into three categories: 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 and are held on a Saturday, Sunday or both if you choose to combine 1.0 and 2.0 clinics in the same weekend.  They approximately 8 hours of combined classroom and water instruction (1.5-2 hours split by a break).  Additionally, I will sometimes offer a Freestyle Touch-Up clinic usually held on a Friday or Saturday evening and lasts 2 hours.


The weekend workshop is recommended for new swimmers and swimmers new to Total Immersion who can swim 25 yards/meters of crawl stroke.  You can take one or both days.  The prerequisite for the second day or 2.0 course is the first day or 1.0 course. The weekend workshop and the touch up clinics will be limited to a maximum of 8 participants to maximize individualized instruction. All will start and finish with individual video filming, and focus on whole-stroke repeats and drills.


The Freestyle Workshop beginning on Saturday, 1.0, will introduce and teach you the secrets of Balance and Streamline that will dramatically reduce the general discomfort and exhaustion of swimming. Then we’ll show you where true, tireless and effortless propulsion comes from. Focal Points will be introduced designed to improve Balance and Streamline.


One day workshops are now being offered for those who just cannot commit to a full two days.


TI 1.0 “Effortless Endurance Workshop”

Swim farther. Swim easier. Enjoy it more.

In our TI 1.0 “Smart Endurance Swimming” workshop we introduce you to the secrets of Balance and Streamline that will dramatically reduce the discomfort and exhaustion of swimming. Then we’ll show you where your true, tireless Propulsion will come from.


This workshop is recommended for new swimmers who can swim 50 yards/meters of crawl stroke, self-coached TI swimmers who want expert feedback and a boost in skill development, and those who have never taken a TI workshop or self-taught TI previously. It will include about 75% Drill (covering Balance, SpearSwitch and SwingSwitch sequences) and 25% Whole Stroke. The skills learned in this workshop will be the foundation for TI 2.0 and TI 3.0 workshops.


TI 2.0 “Advanced Effortless Endurance Workshop”

In our TI 2.0 “Freestyle Made Faster” workshop we will put you on the path from efficient to expert in crawlstroke by honing Balance and Streamline skills and introducing advanced Propulsion skills. And we’ll show you the secrets of breathing seamlessly and sufficiently on both sides.


TI 3.0 “Smart Speed Workshop”

In our TI 3.0 “Smart Easy Speed” workshop we will teach you to replace guesswork and unnecessary effort with intelligent practice customized to your body, skills, and goals. We’ll teach you how to train your neuromuscular system for improved combinations of Stroke Length and Stroke Rate — via three steps:  First, we help you find your optimal Stroke Length (SL) and range of stroke counts per length (SPL range) for pool practice based on your height and current level of Balance/Streamlining/Propulsion skills.  Then we teach you how to adapt Stroke Length to your goals and water conditions. Learn to choose and change your stroke count at will to swim further or faster with minimum strain and maximum ease.  Anf finally, we teach you how to blend Stroke Rate with Stroke Length. You will learn to use a Tempo Trainer in combination with your SPL range to create (i) Sustainable Speed – the easiest way to maintain consistent pace for longer distances; and (ii) Smart Speed — the easiest way to increase your speed over a given distance.


This workshop is recommended for those who have racing or performance ambitions in Triathlon, Masters or Open Water swimming — or anyone who wishes to improve your speed as an exercise in mastering higher level skills. To get the best results from your time at this workshop you should have a good mastery of TI skills. The class will be 10% Drill and 90% Whole Stroke. (Drills will be chosen on an individualized basis to spotlight and improve targeted skills.)  This workshop is recommended for those who have previously taken a TI Workshop, or its equivalent in private lessons or through self-coaching. To maximize its benefits you should have a strong foundation in the Balance, SpearSwitch and SwingSwitch sequences and/or the ability to swim with comfort and efficiency (athough not ‘fast’) for 200yards or meters.



A typical 1-day workshops schedule may follow a schedule similar to this (two day workshops will follow the same schedule for the second day although start time(s) may vary slightly):

·         8:00 Changing rooms available

·         8:30 – 9:15 Orientation in the classroom

·         9:30 – 11:30 Underwater videotaping #1 and group instruction in the pool.

·         11:45 – 12:30 Lunch

·         12:30 – 1:30 Classroom workshop and review of video #1

·         1:45 – 3:15 Group instruction in the pool, video taping #2

·         3:30 -4:15 Classroom – review video #2



Both level 1.0 and 2.0 can be condensed into a weekend intensive workshop.
Any workshop can be modified to suit the needs of the group.


If you are looking to improve your technique and efficiency, join me and begin your journey.

Cost of the workshops with video analysis are:

  • $295.00 for the one day workshop

  • $245.00 for 2 or more signing up at the same time

  • $495.00 for the two day workshop

  • $445.00 for 2 or more signing up at the same time

  • $85.00 for the two hour touch-up clinic


See upcoming events tab for next clinics and special classes being offered.


Swim Smarter not harder! And remember, “The journey is more important than the destination, and the process is always more important than the goal.” – Alan Wong


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