My TI Story:


I have considered myself a ‘swimmer’ my entire life, or at least from the time I remember. Since the age of six, I swam on summer league teams and then swam on my high school swim team. I played water polo in high school as well. When I was growing up if the pool was open, I was there in the water. I have always had a sense of being at “home” in the water. Whenever I get in the water, I feel at ease and everything else seems to fade away. I was a distance swimmer in high school so I had lots of time to let my mind wander while practicing. I always loved swimming and considered it a fun activity. That changed for me in high school where the atmosphere at the pool became so serious and mainly about winning. We practiced hard and the coaches yelled a lot.  It was all about speed and winning.

            I graduated from high school and left for college, getting away from swimming for about 10 years. I got in a pool occasionally for recreation, but never thought I wanted to get serious about swimming again. My dad always suggested I join the masters team with him, but then I’d remember the yelling and how it wasn’t fun on a team setting for me anymore. After my divorce I decided I needed to get back into swimming, but for me this time. It wasn’t about being in a race to win; it was just about being back in the water and getting that feeling again.

            After so long out of the water ‘swimming’ was not as easy I remembered, at least the way I was swimming. I would go to the pool, jump in and go. Swim 100’s then 200’s then 50’s, because I was tiring. My shoulders were hurting me after swimming and continued to for days after a swim. I started to think I was just really out of shape, which may have been part of the problem.  My dad is a certified TI instructor and suggested I try some of the techniques from TI. He started working with me and gave me some DVD’s to watch as well. After just one week of working with him and watching videos I noticed a huge difference, my shoulders weren’t hurting like they had before!

            I realized another important difference. Instead of just jumping in and ‘swimming’ and going through all of my problems or things to do in my head while I swam, I was being forced to almost meditate in the water. I was forced to focus on every movement of my body and to think about HOW I was swimming and WHY.  This made swimming fun for me again. Now I had a goal, it wasn’t to be the fastest swimmer, it was to the most graceful and purposeful swimmer. I had a purpose in the water; to change my old habits (which do die hard by the way), and become a more relaxed, skillful and graceful swimmer.

            I feel with what I’ve learned through TI I’ve really found my love for swimming again. I really enjoy going to the pool and practicing my techniques. This leads me to the next thing I love about TI.  While being mentored by my father I was able to watch and learn in a one on one setting alongside my father.  It was exciting watching these people really listen and care about what my dad was teaching and showing them. But the most exciting part was when you watch someone transform their stroke and feel more confident in the water than they did just two days or even one day before. I’ve always liked talking to and helping others, I am a Libra after all.  But now I have the opportunity to help others reach goals they’ve set for themselves and establish a comfort level in the water I’ve felt my whole life. That is a real feeling of accomplishment. 

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