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         Why the TI Brand ?         



The biggest and most important distinction between TI and other programs is the holistic, change-your-life potential of the TI Method.


Tim Ferriss , author of the best-selling 4-Hour Work Week and 4-Hour Body is a huge TI believer. Tim has a huge following and has brought much positive attention to TI with blog posts that resulted in a large interest among his followers and subsequently visited the TI website. Tim devoted a chapter in 4-Hour Body to TI, describing how he progressed from an exhausting 20 yards in a pool to a nearly-effortless 1km in the ocean in just over two months. Tim has told interviewers that learning to swim with ease was the most transforming thing he experienced of the several dozen ‘experiments’ he conducted while working on the book. Tim describes himself as a Lifestyle Designer, and we’d like TI to be associated with that lifestyle.

Why should triathletes, fitness swimmers and improvement minded swimmers benefit from learning Total Immersion Swimming?




Why do triathletes prefer Total Immersion over all other swimming programs?

First, if you’re new to swimming, there’s no faster way to turn struggles into skills. With the TI Method you don’t need youth, strength or special talents. Our self-help DVDs have helped thousands of novice triathletes progress from first lap to first *mile* in as little as 10 weeks.

Second, if you want to swim a *faster* mile, TI shows you how to replace grind-it-out lap sessions with thoughtful *purposeful* practice. Set any reasonable goal and know exactly how to achieve it.

Third, we teach *Easy* Speed, Fast Forward, that replaces arm-and-leg churning with fluent and *slippery* strokes. You’ll enjoy swimming more than you ever imagined – and finish every swim feeling energized, not exhausted.


Total Immersion: It’s swimming that changes your life.


Fitness Swimmers


Swimming is among the most popular forms of exercise because it’s low-impact and heart-healthy. But it can be much more. Total Immersion transforms swimming from a form of exercise into a holistic practice – like yoga and tai chi — that benefits body, mind *and* spirit. TI techniques teach you to use your body intelligently and healthfully. Instead of just working out, you learn to move with balance, alignment, rhythm and grace – working *with*, not against, the water. When you swim the TI way, you take each stroke with a clear purpose and mindful focus that leaves you energized — physically *and* mentally – to be at your best in everything you do. Best of all, Total Immersion turns each lap into an opportunity to discover hidden potential and develop new capacities. Your hour of practice becomes the most rewarding part of your day — something you *always* look forward to.

Total Immersion: It’s swimming that changes your life. Improvement-minded Swimmers

If you’ve always wished you could swim well, but have only known frustration and exhaustion, Total Immersion is the answer. TI is more than a technique.

It’s a *method* for turning struggles into skills. If you’re new to swimming, your first TI lesson—in Balance–will give you the comfort, confidence, and body control to master all the skills that follow.
If traditional instruction has left you high and dry, the problem isn’t with you, but with old-school techniques. When you learn streamlining skills, you’ll swim lap after lap with an ease you never imagined.

Or, if you’ve swum for years without improvement, TI will take you from uninspiring laps to practicing with clear and confident purpose. You’ll learn the precise sequence of skills that result in continuous improvement, and how to set goals that sharpen your focus. You’ll become an expert * learner*, not just swimmer.

Total Immersion: It’s swimming that changes your life.


Swim Well. Live Well.
Terry Laughlin

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