TI6 - Total Immersion 6 - 6 Total Immersion Coaches English Channel Relay

We are down to less than week away from our attempt to do an unprecedented English Channel Relay Team in that we are all Total Immersion Coaches. It is probably one of the few things we have in common besides our love for swimming which is why we became certified TI Coaches and enjoy teaching others to swim more efficiently, effortlessly, and with more energy and endurance. We range in ages from 28 to 59 (60 this September). We range in swimming backgrounds from former age group swimmers (who got burned out early), high school and collegiate swimmers and even an adult on-set swimmer. Our team Captain, Dave Cameron, has crossed the channel twice solo and participated on numerous relays. We all epitomize what Total Immersion has come to be known for whether you are an adult on-set swimmer or experienced competitive swimmer- efficient, effortless swimming that gives you more energy and increases your endurance.

We are not out to set a new record like the Total Immersion officially sponsored "EC6-Total Immersion in the English Channel" relay team that consisted of six of the top 40-50 year old swimmers in the world trying to break the relay record from 1990 set by a team comprised of 20 somethings. They swam on August 5th, 2014 and missed setting a new record by a mere 11 minutes--an awesome and isnspiriing performance by this EC6. We are simply out to do the best that we can do. Our training regimen has not been as rigorous as the EC6 but we will succeed in our challenge due to the strength of our Total Immersion swimming style.

As the time draws near to board the flight to England I am filled with emotions of excitement and anxiety. This is a monumental swim even in a relay form for me and I assume for other members of the TI6 team sans Dave. I have done several 10K USMS postal swims in previous years, the Waikiki Roughwater Swim, Southend Rowing Annual Alcatraz swim, and last year stage 3 of the 8 Bridges Swim in the Hudson(13.2 miles in 4:24:00) so I am confident of my ability to complete my one hour portions. But never in a volume of water as vast, as varied tides (from 9m to 3m difference), and unpredictable as open water swimming can be. I guess you'd say this is a bucket list moment for me!

I have ramped up my swimming in July and will continue up until we leave for England. I hope that this swim will inspire the athletes I coach in San Antonio and the clients from my private lessons and clinics and anyone who reads this blog as well.

I will try to update the blog with more notes and pictures as we get closer to our swim. Our window for the swim is the 10th to the 14th of August. We will either be on the Galivant or Sea Satin. You'll be able to track our progress at http://cspf.co.uk/tracking/235023353.

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