Dover - TI 6 - Day 5

The wait is now down to weather cooperating and whether either slot 1 or 2 decide they don’t want to go Thursday night. Swim this morning was beautiful, calm water for the most part compared to previous days. Started the morning off with a 3900 meter 3 wall swim. From where we get in to the left wall or ‘scalloped wall’ as the team has nicknamed it is approximately 850 meters. To the right is the very rusted steel wall that is about 550 meters. So to go from wall to wall straight away is about 1400 meters. This has been our training area for the last 5 days swimming twice a day. In the afternoon I came back and did another 1700 meters as the weather was worse and the washing machine was on the extra spin cycle, and the water felt a little colder than previous days. The water down by the scalloped wall is always a few degrees colder due to being a little deeper and at this end the ferry terminal is located. There are ferries arriving and leaving approximately every 30 minutes. They pull into the harbor and then back into the piers for offloading and then loading all in 30 minutes. When this happens and your near the scalloped wall the water is definitely colder due to the churning up of the deeper water by these ferries. I’m becoming more accustomed to the cold water every day. I can tell as it no longer takes my breath away when I dive into the water to start swimming. Not saying that still isn’t cold but not as shockingly cold.

Today we decided to stay close to town hoping we might hear something. The last thing was by 7:45 tonight we should know—hope springs eternal. I used yesterday to catch up on emails and the long blog of the previous three days. We decided that we should eat fish and chips for lunch and I must say that it did not disappoint. After lunch we came back to the room and I took a power nap before the evening swim session. We ate another evening meal at Eight Bells, Sausage and Mash for me. It was very tasty with three sausage links, mashed potatoes and peas of course. Not to mention the Guiness that accompanied it very nicely. We left dinner with the lates notification that the boat captain was contacting number one and two slots to let them know their options as well and we should hear something later that night. Yeah, I’ve heard this before. But I then have to remember that this type of open water swimming is nothing compared to anything else I have encountered and weather plays such an unpredictable part. It really has taught me to be more patient and accept the things I can’t control with less anxiety and trepidation.

We turn in knowing that we are meeting at the Harbor for our 8 am swim.

Good night everyone.

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