Todd with Terry Laughlin, TI CEO and Founder

Todd is a 20 year veteran of the USAF with a B.S. in Physical Education.  He began competitive swimming at age 5 and has been involved throughout his life in both pleasure and competitive swimming, triathlons and coaching. He has experience in coaching individuals, high school swimming, water polo, youth swim team clubs and summer league teams.


Todd remains personally active in US Masters Swimming and has been a member of several Top Ten Relay Teams. He has incorporated TI drills and techniques into his coaching and his own swimming since 1997.  Todd is a certified TI coach since 2010 and Level 4 ASCA coach since 1998.


Todd’s philosophy is to help people learn to swim more efficiently, effectively and effortlessly. As they say, if you’ve seen one swimmer….you’ve only seen one swimmer. Todd’s coaching is geared to the specific needs of the individual.  Triathletes benefit from his ability to refine their swimming skills which enables them conserve energy for the competition without losing time in the water.


Todd will help you develop and enhance your skills to become a smarter swimmer.  Todd decided to become a TI Teaching Professional because he is excited about TI’s Kaizen philosophy. Todd has seen dramatic results in a short amount of time with both beginning and experienced swimmer’s abilities through the utilization of TI. Todd looks forward to being able to help anyone interested in learning to swim more efficiently, effectively, and effortlessly.

Todd's Major OW Swims

September 2009 - Southend Rowing Club Annual Alcatraz Swim 

September 2011 - Waikiki 2.4 mile Roughwater Swim

  • Overall Finish Place

Overall                                         Div

Place                                   Bib    Pl                                                            Time

211     TODD ERICKSON  430   10   M55-59    SAN ANTONIO,TX      1:07:02

June 2014 - 8 Bridges, 7 Stages, 120 Mile, Hudson River Marathon Swim

Stage 3 - 13.2 mi - Poughkeepsie to Beacon Bridges - 4:24:44.00

August 8 2014 - English Channel Relay - TI6 - Six Total Immersion Coaches - Crossing Time: 12:44:00.00 - Coach Todd starts relay from Shakespeare Beach, Swims hour 7 and then climbs out on the rocks in France at 11:44 pm.

June 2016 - 8 Bridges, 7 Stages, 120 Mile, Hudson River Marathon Swim

Stage 1 - The Islands - 18.3 mi - Rip Van Winkle Bridge to Kingston Bridges - 5:40:49.00 - 5th out of 17

Stage 2 - DNF - The Lighthouses - 19.8 mi - Kingston Bridge to Mid-Hudson Bridge.  Self eliminated at 3:16:00.00

July 2016 - Lake Superior - 3 hour training swim - 53 degree water

July 2016 - 6 hour English Channel Qualifying Swim, Dover U.K. Harbor 62 degree water

August 9-10 2016 - English Channel Solo Crossing Attempt - DNF - 13 hours 30 min, 63 degree water. Pulled 1 mile from French soil.

October 2016 - Highland Lakes Monster Challenge - Lake Buchanan, 4 mi 2:19:35, 6th.  Inks Lake, 3 mile, 1:18:27, 6th.  Lake LBJ, 2.1 mi, 59:37, 6th.  Lake Marble Falls, 3.1 mi, 1:39:03, 6th.  Lake Travis, 3.1 mi, 1:31, 6th.  Sixth Place overall, third place Men. 

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