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I reviewed my video and then looked at Sun Yang again :) I think my stroke at the end of the clinic looked a bit like his :) Haha... Kind of a mix of some TI and some old school competitive swimming habits. I have so much work to do to perfect my TI stroke... as I was swimming I knew the few things that were hard for me to "get" (the deep skate hand position, the timing of the stroke with the body rotation) and the video was a great tool to really bring that home to me...

Ellie O. Former Australian Olympic and National Team

_I thoroughly enjoyed the clinic and Todd and Kate are amazing instructors. I really appreciate their patience with all of my questions and all the times that I didn’t get it and how they work with me (and my 2 daughters) until we had it down. I am truly looking forward to scheduling some time to get together with them and have some more instruction. The TI stroke does not feel natural yet but it definitely feels much better than my old stroke. My biggest issue is remembering Todd and Kate’s favorite, #1 word; “RELAX!!”. When I do that, it is so much better and feels so good. The improvement in my daughters is unbelievable. Katie could barely swim 400 yards before the clinic and was worn out and she swam 800 yards Wednesday evening (3 days after the clinic) and I had to stop her then. Kori has really slowed down and seems even more comfortable in the water if that is even possible for a kid who seems to live in the water with her competitive swim team. Me…I am getting there. It is new and “strange” to me but I am enjoying it because when I do it right and relax it feels “oh so good”. Todd, Kate, thanks again for a great weekend and I hope to see you both soon.

Jay F.

Your workshop was outstanding. As a teacher you are patience, reassuring, humorous and motivating. You have the capacity to teach a group yet I was given individual attention as pushed all of us out of our comfort zone....I laughed and I learned. Loved the underwater and overwater filming along with my individual video I received with your personal coaching just two days later.

I have always been athletic but every time I got in a pool to "lap swim" I quit because it was soooo hard. I heard the words Total Immersion Swimming from the first time I got into a pool a month ago. Looked at some youtube videos and knew immediately that I want to look like "THAT" when I swim. Found your website, you just happen to be having a workshop just 45:00 from home.... lucky me because everybody else drove 3 to 5 hours. I am so excited that I get to swim TI and that you are the person that taught and will continue teaching Cindy and I. I understand why you say "Swimming is life" gives me life. 

Thank you for a terrific workshop and teaching me to swim Total Immersion Todd...... I wear my TI/Swimsmart cap with pride. PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!

Ana J.

Thank you, so much, for an extremely intensive and productive week-end of Total Immersion swim coaching!  I can't say enough about your coaching stye and the structure and amount of content that you shared with us!  In spite of having about 12 folks in the class, I felt like I really had personalized attention and coaching!  

Thank you, once again, for the terrific coaching!  I hit the water today and practiced the basic drills.  I feel so good about the work ahead to improve my stroke and look forward to a one day clinic in the near future once I have internalized the current basic drills and stroke improvements.

Letty R.

Coach Todd, I just wanted to thank you for a great workshop. It was very eye opening. My main takeaways was my head position and elbow swing. You were right about being mentally exhausted at the end of the class. The last video you took of us I felt like it all flew out the window with me. This weeks swimming has been rewarding do to your advice and instruction.  I look forward to future workshops. I cannot wait to see the video critiques when you finish them. 

David M.

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