TI Triathlon Swim Training Camp: Clermont, FL - Jan 23-26

TI Triathlon Swim Training Camp: Clermont, FL - Feb 14-17

TI Open Water Experience: Kailua-Kona, HI - Mar 12-16

TI Triathlon Swim Training Camp: Clermont, FL - Mar 19-22

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         Welcome to Swim Smart         

           We Turn Struggles Into Life Skills        

Work less, swim better, and  enjoy it more with Total Immersion.  Designed for the new, experienced, fitness, and competitive swimmer or triathlete. Become an energy conscious swimmer by swimming with your body–not just your arms and legs.


If swimming feels uncomfortable, you tire easily or increasing distance is a struggle, the culprit is energy waste, not lack of fitness. Scientists have calculated that aquatic mammals are over 2500 percent more efficient than human swimmers (terrestrial mammals) because up to 97% of our energy and “horsepower‟ are diverted into something other than forward motion. Aquatic mammals move through water. Humans move around in water and move water around.  Dolphins are the most efficient mammal in the water and they are only 80% efficient.  Elite swimmers such as our olympians are only 10-12% efficient.  The average swimmer is at best 3% efficient.  


We call that the Universal Human Swimming Problem. The solution isn‟t swimming more or harder; that only ingrains your “struggling skills.‟ The fastest way to transform struggle into effortless, enjoyable swimming is by learning the Effortless Endurance skill sequence:


Actual Clients Improvement

Safte Swim Buoy - a must for all open water swimmers.  You can store your valuables init while you swim never having to worry about your items left on the shore.  Buy 5 or more and use code "safeswim" to save 25% and don't forget to use coachtodd as well.

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